LACOMBE, Liguori, Q.C., B.A., LL.B.

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Laval--Two Mountains (Quebec)
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June 17, 1895
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April 13, 1957

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October 29, 1925 - July 2, 1926
  Laval--Two Mountains (Quebec)
September 14, 1926 - May 30, 1930
  Laval--Two Mountains (Quebec)
October 14, 1935 - January 25, 1940
  Laval--Two Mountains (Quebec)
March 26, 1940 - April 16, 1945
  Laval--Two Mountains (Quebec)
June 11, 1945 - July 12, 1948
  Laval--Two Mountains (Quebec)

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May 27, 1948

Mr. LIGUORI LACOMBE (Laval-Two Mountains):

Mr. Speaker, the budget produced by the Minister of Finance (Mr. Abbott) will greatly deceive the taxpayers in the low-income brackets. The burden of taxation is still too heavy for the average wage earner with dependents. A government cannot proclaim a surplus and at the same time leave under the burden of taxation and excessive cost of living those who work and toil in the interests of their families and of society.

Everything can be bought at a ransom price because the administration could not or did not want to foresee the present situation. Family allowances have become null and void because the government allowed trusts to accumulate shameful profits at the expense of our families. In these difficult times the good elements still remaining in democracy should unite against the profiteers who sooner or later will ruin it in favour of communism.

The time has come to hand out to the diplomats and public men, responsible for the communist invasion which is now threatening civilization., the treatment they deserve. Many times I have raised this issue in this chamber. I have pointed out often enough the inherent danger of the government's attitude toward communist Russia and its satellites, and I believe I can free myself from the responsibility for the impending danger which will soon destroy the civilized world.

So far as I am concerned, I cannot support the Secretary of State for External Affairs (Mr. St. Laurent) when he asks for appropriations for the carrying out of a blameable policy. For a long time, when he was Minister of Justice, he refused to outlaw the communist party in Canada. Why, then, did the minister show such haste in appointing an ambassador to the government of Yugoslavia, a renowned persecutor of bishops and religion? Why manifest this open sympathy toward the deceiving and communist government of Poland? Why mobilize the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in order to locate property which belongs to the church and which the Polish government wished to misappropriate and steal in communist fashion?

Why tolerate in Canada the hatred and treason of the Labour-Progressive party, while refusing to appoint an ambassador to the Vatican, whose supreme appeal to charity, justice and peace is the only hope in these extremely difficult times?

The nations refused to receive the illustrious pontiff's appeal to charity, justice and peace. Because they ignore the only logical advice, the allied nations won the war twice and lost peace twice within thirty years.

What has happened to the war aims of the united nations? Christianity was sacrificed to the communists by the very people who claimed they were defending it. In the

The Budget-Mr. Lacomhe

underworld of international diplomacy Poland was sacrificed with the shameful co-operation of the Canadian government, this same government which declared war when the German hordes were dominating that country, which was invaded and dismembered many times in history.

What did our rulers do? When Poland was agonizing in devastation and ruin, they officially recognized the usurping and communist government of Lublin. As servants of Soviet Russia, they came to terms with the invertebrate people of Yalta in order to impose upon Poland the communist bandits who are now presiding over the destinies of that country.

This hypocrisy has gone far enough. Nobody will believe that an atheistic government was instituted in Poland without the connivance and co-operation of the present government. Tomorrow we shall see the government imposing compulsory military service in order to stop communist Russia, which only recently our government was cherishing, feeding, equipping and arming on behalf of the great principles of the Atlantic charter, which never even existed. This is national and international life. Insidious propaganda, condemn-able concealments, lies-everything is used in order to deceive the people. The government proceeded gradually when it imposed upon the population its policy of participating in the war, its mobilization and conscription.

Stalin also proceeded gradually in his policy of invasion. The government of Canada and the Secretary of State for External Affairs freely opened the door for him by recognizing the satellite of the Russian dictator as the communist government of Poland. We shall soon be called to the colours. Once more Canada will sacrifice its blood and its economy through the error of the government, which contributed to installing communism in Poland first, and then in the other satellite countries of Russia.

The war which is threatening the world will be more horrible than what we have yet seen. Whole countries will be destroyed by infernal inventions whose power will be irresistible and frightful. Death germs will be scattered everywhere. Those responsible for this calamity will pose as crusaders. Nobody will refuse to defend Canada if this country is attacked. But I know some people upon whom history will cast a slur because unconsciously they gave away our country to communism. These people will still require the obligation to serve. Since it is easier, but less noble, to vote other people's death rather than one's own, once more they will vote the sacrifice of our sons.

Hiding in remoteness, they will be awaiting fearfully a guiding light in the night into which their disastrous policies have plunged the world. Because they could not prepare peace, they are now preparing wTar. In this twentieth century in the Christian era, we are reverting to barbarism through the selfish interests of predatory nations. We are being led to the abyss by military and financial imperialism. The true doctrine of charity and love was trampled upon. The solemn warnings of the Vatican were ignored by Canada as well as by other countries. As an illustration, I only wish to quote the following excerpt from the Vatican organ, L'Osservatore Romano:

Si vis pacem, para helium . . .

Vatican City (PA)-The Osservatore Romano, the official organ of the Vatican, stated today that the world is reverting to the times of the old principle "Si vis pacem, para helium", "if you want peace, get ready for war."

Before the Christian civilization, this was the only valid principle. But Christianity has changed this principle; it proclaims: "If you want peace, prepare for peace."

According to certain Vatican sources, this editorial was written by Count Guiseppe Della Torre. It also contained this sentence: "If we are compelled to replace faith by strength, even in a defensive manner, it is because Christianity is far below its object." Is it not deplorable to witness what is now going on? Let no one eulogize democracy, a corrupt and corrupting regime. As we know it today, it is not worth while fighting for it. When governments instil into it the dose of Christianity which it requires to survive, then and then only will it deserve our protection.

The best way to combat communism is to solve the problem of slums and replace them by dwellings worthy of the average man and his family. In this twentieth century is it decent to tolerate in our midst, all these shacks and slums? The housing problem is a national one. It is up to the federal government to solve it. Let the government take money wherever it can. Economic liberalism has lasted too long. It is the source of the worst infringements. The Canadian people are fed up with this laissez-faire policy of the government. The average families are shamefully exploited by the ruthless trusts. Some high-class robbers are controlling certain companies which dominate our Canadian politics.

One of the most disgusting instances can be found in the profits accumulated on the sales of butter by Canada Packers. During a short term of eleven months, this company made more profits than during the previous twenty years. And this disgraceful robbery goes on under the eyes of a servile government

The Budget-Mr. Lacombe

which reserves all its sympathies for these trusts which are essential to its electoral organization. The exploitation of the people by trusts is the life source of communism.

To this add the co-operation of the government when Poland was betrayed by the most powerful nations on earth, in favour of communist Russia, when they officially recognized the impostor government of Lublin, and then you have the lamentable picture of the leadership of communism in the world.

Czechoslovakia was sacrificed at Munich by five statesmen who were branded by history: Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Daladier and Chamberlain. Since then, that country seems to have lost all faith in the great nations which then were at the maximum of their power. It was the same Stalin who stabbed Poland in order better to dominate it. Poland had to undergo the shame of treason; her political leaders are now the victims of the communist gestapo.

Smaller nations were misled by the lies and hypocrisy of powerful democracies and proud dictatorships. Their leaders were not up to their duties, since they were bound by the selfish interests of financial imperialism which has been dominating history and governments for many years. They bear the responsibility for the present situation. Even here in Canada, for many years the motto of the government is the same as Talleyrand's: "Governing means dissimulating." The same situation exists throughout the world. Truth, charity and justice have been replaced by a policy of falsehood, persecution and hatred. The Vatican, where Pope Pius XII is reigning, is the greatest power in the world, because this illustrious pontiff is always preaching a doctrine of charity, peace and love. I have often asked the Secretary of State for External Affairs to appoint an ambassador to the Vatican. The minister does not seem to be interested in the Vatican. He answers by appointing an ambassador to Marshal Tito, the persecutor of the primate of the church of Yugoslavia. This is an insult to five million Roman Catholics in Canada, and an insult to Christianism. The minister and the government do not like me to bring forth this most important matter. They turn a deaf ear to it; but some day they will wake up facing a situation beyond remedy, in Canada and in the rest of the world, for which they will be responsible.

When will political leaders have enough courage to assume their responsibilities and squarely face events? From that day Canada

will not be called upon to sacrifice her sons and her economy every ten or twenty years in disastrous and useless wars.

Finally, may I mention a regrettable event which happened recently. The United States refused to consider as persona grata a certain diplomat recently arrived from Czechoslovakia; and our government readily accepted the same individual as consul of his country in Canada. One would think our country has become the refuge of all communist miscreants intent on promoting revolutions and causing trouble.

If a member of this house introduces a bill to outlaw the communist or the Labour-Progressive party in Canada, immediately an endless debate starts, while it would be preferable to remain silent so that the bill could go through. Eventually we shall be convinced that communism is well protected in this country. Such an attitude is not new. During the 1936 session the Liberal party voted the repeal of section 98 of the criminal code, which prohibited all unlawful associations and all associations whose purpose was to undermine lawfully constituted authority in Canada.

We have no use for all these communist agents. The government and the Secretary of State for External Affairs should be extremely firm and should send back to their own countries these communists with doublebreasted suits, since among this underworld they are the most affluent and the most powerful. Then only will the Canadian people know security under the protection of the free institutions which Canada won through sacrifice and struggle.

Is he a true Canadian who allows and tolerates the formation of communist cells in our country, and then preaches a crusade throughout the world against this obnoxious doctrine? Such a degree of cynicism is beyond me. I have seen so much treachery during the twenty-five years I have been sitting in this house. I have seen so many solemn pledges violated and trampled upon. I have been a witness to such deceitful and insidious propaganda that I do not hesitate to state that one needs courage to witness the political somersaults of certain politicians who are always prepared to sacrifice Canada in the defence of theories which they themselves created and strengthened by helping atheistic and godless Russia at the expense of small but courageous Christian countries which are now agonizing under Stalin's heel. Let these politicians bear this formidable responsibility.

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March 10, 1948

1. During 1945 and 1946, did Canada export any war materials to Russia?

2. If so, what amount has been spent by Canada for that purpose?

3. Since the cessation of hostilities, has Canada exported other goods to Russia?

4. If so, what is the total value of such goods?

5. Has Russia repaid, wholly or partly, the war expenditure incurred by Canada to assist Russia?

6. If so, what is the amount of such repayment?

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March 5, 1948


Any questions?

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March 5, 1948


Hoes this mean that the Secretary of State for External Affairs, who maintains an embassy to Tito's but denies one to the Vatican, would hand over to the communist government of Poland those religious , art possessions, many of which belong to the church of that country? Nobody knows!

In a state of doubt and uncertainty, I feel personally much more reassured on this point by the attitude of the Quebec premier than by the attitude of the Secretary of State for External Affairs.

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March 5, 1948


Under the circumstances, the right hon. the Secretary of State for External Affairs and the government have caused our federal politics to play the odious part of a gestapo for Poland's imposter and communist government.

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