Charles Lewis OWEN

OWEN, Charles Lewis

Personal Data

Conservative (1867-1942)
Northumberland East (Ontario)
Birth Date
July 15, 1852
Deceased Date
September 20, 1926
woollens manufacturer

Parliamentary Career

October 29, 1907 - September 17, 1908
  Northumberland East (Ontario)
October 26, 1908 - July 29, 1911
  Northumberland East (Ontario)

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April 15, 1920

Mr. WEN:

I was not aware of the amendment.

Topic:   THE FOOD AND DRUGS ACT, 1920.
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April 25, 1919

Mr. WEN:

Would it not be fair for the Government to ask the provinces to live up to the guarantees they had given of bonds of those branch lines? Would it not also be fair to ask the provinces which are going to benefit from the construction of those lines, to give the Federal Government the same advantages that they would have given to a private corporation?

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April 10, 1918

Mr. WEN:

I want to ash the Minister

of Militia and Defence what system exists in so far as purchasing of war material is concerned? Is the war material purchased for the expeditionary force on this side of the ocean', or in England? I wish to refer specially to general service wagons, for instance water wagons, munition wagons, and also to arms, clothing, equipment and munitions.

Major-General MEWBURN: As far as the Amy Service Corps wagons or kitchens, or any equipment of that kind is concerned, none has been purchased in Canada in the last year or two. With regard to arms, the answer is, no. The arms that onr force is using at the front are supplied, I understand, by the Imperial army-the same weapon as they use. As regards the clothing, that is contracted for and purchased in Canada, and those purchases are made through the War Purchasing Commission on demand from the Department of Militia and Defence here.

Topic:   WAR ESTIMATES 1918-1919.
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July 27, 1911


When the House adjourned ,on May 20 a supply was arranged for up to September first. I must say that since the House resumed, about two weeks ago, the business of this country has not gone along very rapidly. In the riding I have the honour to represent there are about 2,000 men employed on government public works, and I would like to know if it is the intention of the right hon. the leader of the government and the hon. leader of the opposition to make arrangements for supply before prorogation takes place. If we are to believe what we read in the daily press prorogation may take place in the very near future, and we. may have a general election at no very distant date. If anything should happen which would result in these 2,000 men being turned idle, during the early winter, I think it would be a great hardship. Therefore, I would like to know if it is 'the intention to arrange for Supply before prorogation.

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May 17, 1911


Some days ago I drew the attention of the Minister of Public Works to the condition of the new museum building in this city, and I notice in the Ottawa 'Citizen' this morning that the crack is still widening. I would like to draw the attention of the Minister of Finance, who is leading the House, to this, and ask him if he considers the building safe.

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