Winfield Chester Scott MCLURE

MCLURE, Winfield Chester Scott

Personal Data

Progressive Conservative
Queen's (Prince Edward Island)
Birth Date
March 16, 1875
Deceased Date
June 18, 1955
broker, teacher, trader

Parliamentary Career

July 28, 1930 - August 14, 1935
  Queen's (Prince Edward Island)
June 11, 1945 - April 30, 1949
  Queen's (Prince Edward Island)
June 27, 1949 - June 13, 1953
  Queen's (Prince Edward Island)

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March 18, 1932


They should cooperate to

see that employment and relief are given, and they might well join with those on this side and be a party to the granting of relief to the unemployed.

Topic:   IS, 1932
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July 27, 1931


Will the bond be collected?

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July 27, 1931


The other evening when

the estimates of this department were under consideration I made some statements concerning complaints of the crew of the steamship Amla. I desire at this time to put the remainder of the facts on record.

On the former occasion I presented letters showing that the crew of the Amla had not been paid, despite the fact that many promises of payment had been made. I wish to read a letter under date of July 25, 1930, addressed to one of the crew of that ship. The particular letter in question is addressed to Lemuel Winchester, and is as follows:

Many thanks for your kind felicitations regarding my appointment to the Senate. We understood when leaving Ottawa that the wages due on the Amla were to be paid at once. As there was no word of it last week we wired the minister to have no further delay in effecting a settlement, but we have no word yet. We expect it be attended to at onee.

Yours truly,

John E. Sinclair.

On the previous occasion I said that representations had been made by the hon. members from Prince Edward Island in favour of paying the crew. In spite of promises which


have been made we find that on July 12 the then Minister of Fisheries wrote the captain of the boat as follows:

Captain W. 3?. Burke,

148 Elm Avenue,

Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Dear Captain Burke:

I have your letter of the 10th instant. I have taken up with the department the case of yourself and crew of the Amla and have been pressing for an immediate settlement. I am glad to inform you that the department has approved of payment and has forwarded the recommendation to the treasury board for approval. Because of the peculiar circumstances of the case, payment cannot be made until this approval is given and I confidently expect that this will be done at the first meeting of the board which, I am told, must be at an early date. I have every hope and assurance of an early and satisfactory settlement,

I am,

Faithfully yours,

Cyrus Macmillan.

At that time Cyrus MacMillan was Minister of Fisheries.

On July 19, 1930, when the election campaign was in progress, Doctor Grant, the gentleman in Kings county who was running against the Honourable J. A. Macdonald, had received complaints concerning wages paid to the crew of the Amla. The then Minister of Fisheries wrote him as follows:

With reference to the claim for unpaid wages submitted by Captain Burke and the crew of ss. Amla mentioned in your recent letter, I have to inform you that this claim which has been pending for nearly a year was finally approved by the Department of Fisheries some time ago. There is no departmental appropriations from which the amount can be taken and payment can therefore only be made by the treasury board. This board has not met for some days because of the absence of so many ministers. A meeting will be held at an early date, possibly within the next few days, when the matter will be finally adjusted.

I confidently look for an early and satisfactory settlement.

With all good wishes, I am,

Faithfully yours,

Cyrus Maemillian.

With reference to the claim of the Amla we have had reports from two different ministers of fisheries, and they each assure us that the claim was justifiable and should be paid. I have learned that the sum of $3,650 is claimed by the crew and has not been paid. We hope that the present minister will consider the matter favourably and that as a result the crew will be paid. It is bad enough for men to have no work, but in this instance men have had work but have not been paid.

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June 22, 1931

Mr. W. C. S. McLURE (Queens) moved:

That the recommendations contained in the nrst report of the joint committee of both houses on the printing of parliament presented to the house on Friday, June 12, 1931, be concurred in.

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June 1, 1931


If the hon. member for

Prince does not wish to take credit for all the letters, I will give him a rest and read others which may back up his own statement that the crew should be paid, that they were promised to be paid, and that, as the writer says, he had the assurance of the minister that the cheques were issued and was told that if the men did not get their cheques

Biological Board Act

the crew should notify the hon. member and he would see the matter was attended to.

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