Louis Napoléon CHAMPAGNE

CHAMPAGNE, Louis Napoléon, K.C., LL.B.

Personal Data

Wright (Quebec)
Birth Date
November 21, 1860
Deceased Date
October 15, 1911

Parliamentary Career

March 23, 1897 - October 9, 1900
  Wright (Quebec)
November 7, 1900 - September 29, 1904
  Wright (Quebec)

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August 3, 1904

Mr. L. N. CHAMPAGNE moved :

That the third report of the Select Committee appointed to supervise the official re-Mr R. L. BORDEN.

port of the Debates of this House during the present session he adopted.

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August 3, 1904


In answer to the hon. gentleman and for the information of the House, I will give a few words of explanation in support of the motion now before you. The report recommends :

That in addition to the regular index to the Official Report of the Debates of the present session, an analytical index covering the several volumes thereof be prepared and issued in a separate volume and a sufficient number of copies of the said index he printed and bound for distribution to those entitled to receive bound copies of the Official Report of the Debates.

This is the first portion of the report. The second portion is to this effect:

That Mr. Daniel McGillicuddy be appointed to prepare the index in question to the English Revised Edition, and Mr. Marc Sauvalle to the French Edition, said work to he performed apart from that of the present staff, and that on the final completion of the above work, the foregoing be paid for their services the sum of $750 each.

The first portion of the report bus been considered for some time by those who have taken an interest in the efficiency of the Report of the Debates of this House, and who desire an index to 'Hansard' as complete and as perfect as can be secured!. To attain that object an analytical index has been suggested. During the present session and during previous sessions the matter has been discussed before the committee, and recently a sub-committee was formed to consider the subject. The report of that sub-committee is in substance what is now submitted to the House. Most of the hon. members of the House have had an opportunity of judging for themselves of the importance and the advantage of the improvement now suggested by reading the sample sheet which has been sent to them since the report of the committee was laid on the table the other day. This is an analytical index of the debates of the House during one of the sittings of the present session, both in English and French. It contains in condensed form the substance of every speech delivered on a certain subject, and the names of the members who addressed the House. At the end of each session a separate volume called the analytical index of ' Hansard ' will be published and distributed to those entitled to receive the

' Hansard.' Tills book will. I am sure, be of considerable value, and a great improvement on the present system. Let me quote from the sample sheet, which lias been ordered to be prepared by the Debates Committee, and you will see the difference between the present index and the one which we are now suggesting. One subject, a very important subject, was discussed before this House a few weeks ago ; it was the alien labour question. The hon. leader of the opposition made a speech on that question, and it is indexed as follows :

Borden, R. L. (Halifax).

Promise of general alien law given under pressure from Opposition-3498. In the case of the Crow's Nest Pass the exclusion of alien labour was specially applied to that branch of C.P.R.-3500.

The following are samples of the indexing of other speeches on the same subject :

Bourassa, E. (Labelle).

The exclusion law should not apply indiscriminately-3457. If foreigners are to be excluded let it be understood that only Canadian engineers shall be employed- 3459.

Clarke, E. F. (West Toronto).

American law respecting the employment of foreigners on subsidized or public works quoted ; New York State-3482. Illinois, Idaho, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California-3484. Crow's Nest Pass could not be compared with Transcontinental-3485. The efforts of Mr. Taylor, M. P., to obtain labour legislation praised-3485.

Fitzpatrick, Eon. Clias. (Quebec County).

Government is anxious to protect labourers on subsidized works-3496. All complaints will be investigated-3497. Organized labour will be protected within the limits of what is right-3498.

Now, M r. Speaker, the present index is well made, and it is not the intention to do away with it. An Important improvement was introduced this year by which a partial index is issued from time to time as the session progresses. This, I think, has been found very convenient, but it contains a, mere reference to the subjects discussed and to the names of the members taking part in the debates, without giving any idea of the nature or substance of the speeches delivered. We now propose, as I have said, to publish an analytical index in a separate volume at the end of each session, giving the substance of every speech delivered on every subject in the House. As to the gentlemen to whom we propose to give this work, Messrs. McGillicuddy and Sauvalle. they are undoubtedly well qualified. They are both distinguished journalists, and most competent to undertake this work, and the remuneration suggested is far from being excessive. The work is to be tried for the present session, and this trial experiment will not bind the House for future sessions

in ca.se it should be found unsatisfactory. It was suggested in the committee to have an analytical index made for every session since the publication of ' Hansard ' ; but, as I have stated, we expect merely to have the work done for the present session as a trial.

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June 6, 1904


The letter goes on :

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June 6, 1904


It is not my intention at the present moment to enter into the merits of this clause of the Bill. I may have occasion later on to speak at greater length. I have been asked by the promoters of the Bill to contradict certain statements that were made on Friday night by the hon. senior member for Ottawa (Mr. Birkett). This afternoon I received a letter from the Secretary Treasurer of the Ottawa Electric Company which is as follows :

Ottawa, Ont., June 6th, 1904.

L. N. CHAMPAGNE, Esq., M.P.,


Dear Sir,-In the published reports of the discussion in the Committee of the Whole in the House of Commons on Friday night last Mr. Birkett is stated to have said :

First. That the Ottawa Electric Company has no restriction upon the rates that it can ch&r^c.

Second. That the Ottawa company's rates are not lower than those charged in other

Third. That he (Mr. Birkett) had received a telegram from Hamilton to the effect that the Hamilton rates are as low as the rates charged in Ottawa.

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May 13, 1904


I am not quite familiar with the details of the Bill, but the substance of it is to increase the capital stock of the company.

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